The Perfect Pairing 

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The Perfect Pairing 

The Perfect Pairing 

What Chocolate Pairs Best with Wine?

It is often said that chocolate and red wine are a struggle to pair. There can be some palate confusion when enjoying the two together. The beauty is in understanding why.

Pink Lady Chocolate has provided milk and dark chocolate for Tahbilk to pair with our current vintage and museum-release Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.  

Through this experience, you will discover how the components of your food pairings can positively impact your tasting experience. Guided by your cellar door host, find out how the chocolate in tannin interacts with the tannin in red wine.

The experience is 30 minutes in duration.

$10 for non-wine club members & Free for wine club members. Apply the discount code PerfectPair to book your tasting for free. 

The Perfect Pairing tastings are available every day for the month of July from 11am-4pm.


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