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Tread lightly approach

Tahbilk is home to some 200 hectares of vineyards specialising in grape varietals from the Nothern Rhône, including Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier and Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvèdre. At Tahbilk, we take a tread lightly approach to vineyard management. This means we respect the soil and our position as caretakers of the land for future generations, doing our best to minimise our impact on the earth.


Nagambie Lakes


Nagambie Lakes Wine Region

In 1993, the then Australian Wine & Brandy corporation (now Wine Australia), recognised Nagambie Lakes wine region as a unique sub region within the Goulburn Valley; two factors combined set it apart. Firstly, it is the only Australian wine region where the meso-climate is dramatically influenced by inland water mass creating a unique cooling effect. Secondly, the region has a unique soil type (duplex 2.2) which has a positive effect on grape quality and gives the wines a defined regional character.


Healthy soils


Vineyard Health

We use straw and compost mulches under our vines to moderate soil temperatures by insulating the soil. This means our plants are exposed to less stress from extremes in soil temperature and moisture.


The Yield multi-sensor technology helps us manage our irrigation water on the vineyards by capturing our micro climate data and converting it into meaningful information.


Our approach to vineyard management is to utilise organic inputs whenever possible, minimising artificial inputs. Our Pogue vineyards are certified organic and a marker for where we are going in the future.

Introducing our Organic Wines

A series of three beautiful wines crafted with care and attention by our team that pay homage to the joys of organic wines within the boundaries of certification. These wines are a testament to our efforts towards working diligently to minimise our environmental impact.

The fruit comes from a family held vineyard connected to the Estate by the Warring (Goulburn) River.  The vineyard represents the toils of our organic viticulturist Richard Flatman and his team and the dreams of the Purbrick family. It brings knowledge and better vineyard care to our Tahbilk Estate vines.

These organic wines richly layer on top of the environmental work which continues at Tahbilk and represents our continued move towards better practices in the vineyard and in the winery. They are a further celebration of our families continued commitment to making great wines of incredible depth and flavour.


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Organic wines