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Sustainability projects to improve our carbon footprint

Sustainability projects to improve our carbon footprint

At Tahbilk we have worked on a number of environmental projects to help further the goal to becoming naturally carbon balanced. That is; carbon emissions neutral without the need to purchase carbon credits on the open market. Instead 100% of our carbon being offset through our own onsite revegetation projects. The strategy to achieve this goal has been underway since 1998 and we continue to move in a positive direction towards carboNZero.

- Projects helping us achieve our goals -


The Insectarium is our special name for the vegetation corridor we have planted near Mud-bridge. The aim is to attract some special little creatures to assist us with controlling the light brown apple moth (LBAM). In amongst this corridor, you will find white and yellow flowering plants to attract Trichogramma wasp and the brown lacewing, both predators of the LBAM. With any luck, these predators will eat the LBAM at the larval stage of the moth’s lifecycle. While we haven’t completed any bug counts as yet we hope the Insectarium will reduce this pest risk so we can apply fewer or no chemicals.



Heat Reflective Paint

Due to the design of Wetlands View Restaurant, we used to have a lot of issues with the venue overheating in summer. To the point where we needed to run all air conditioners overnight just to keep the place cool for patrons in the morning. The electricity use was not acceptable, nor was the unbearable heat.

In February 2012 we painted the roof with heat reflective paint with Mike Bailey Paints. Since applying the paint, the Restaurant has become a far more pleasant experience in summer and we have significantly reduced our air conditioner use.

So, next time you are near the Restaurant make sure you look up.


Refrigeration Plant Improvement

Through our participation with Smarter Resources Smarter Business program with Sustainability Victoria. As part of this program, we implemented variable speed drives (VSDs) and pressure transducers on three condenser cooling water pumps and on a cooling fan tower. A VSD is a piece of equipment that regulates the speed and rotational force of an electric motor. Implementing the VSD saves energy consumption because it will change the speed of an electrical motor by controlling the power that is fed into the machine. It is estimated the introduction of the VSDs will reduce our annual energy consumption by 2000 kWh per year.