Our Carbon Journey

"Conserving the natural environment has always been significant to us and our forebears."

- Hayley Purbrick, Tahbilk Environmental Manager

It was recognised by previous generations that we are ultimately farmers whose produce is affected by a changing climate. We now need to do our part to ensure that we are assisting to create a moderate growing climate for our product, to ensure its longevity and quality continues. As custodians of the Estate we have an environmental responsibility to leave a sustainable legacy for those family members to come.

In 2008 we commenced a journey to understand our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) profile and establish baselines for calculating the carbon stored onsite by our revegetation activities.

Through our onsite re-vegetation, organic waste treatment and then investing in reputable carbon reduction schemes to offset current emissions we achieved our objective of becoming Carbon Neutral for the 2012 financial year.

In 2013/2014 we took measuring our carbon footprint to a new level by partnering with carboNZero, the world’s first internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification programme under ISO 14065. Tahbilk was the first winery to be carboNZero certified in Australia and one of eight wineries globally at the time to have achieved full carboNZero certification.

We continue to audit our emissions annually and remain proudly ‘Carbon Neutral’. This means that, through a transparent process of measuring emissions, reducing those emissions and offsetting residual emissions, our net calculated carbon emissions equal zero.

Whilst the ‘carbon neutral’ solution is a significant milestone to addressing the immediate concerns towards re-balancing our greenhouse gas emissions, the process has uncovered a need to develop a longer visioned sustainability strategy to be internally, naturally balanced without the need to purchase carbon offsets - an exciting prospect which will see up to 120ha of trees being planted over the coming 5 years.

We are excited to be able to share our aspirations with you.

This is a journey, not a destination.

2015/2016 Year Results are in!

Anyone who collates data and figures will know the feeling of satisfaction when you bring it all together and BAMM! great results appear.
That is exactly how I felt when our 2015/2016 year results came together.
We set ourselves a goal last year to work on two core activities at the winery to reduce our emissions, recycling and solar. It has been a stellar effort which I am happy to say we will achieve.
I have just signed off on a pivotal step in our solar journey – approval from our electricity provider to go ahead – this means we are literally a month away from putting the solar on the winery roofs.
I am feeling excited.
Secondly the carbon audit figures are just in and I can report, since implementing our recycling program at Tahbilk in the Cafe, Cellar Door and employee lunch rooms, in combination with weighing our waste (instead of estimating), we have reduced our landfill emissions by a WHOPPING 79% compared to last year. Amazing!
Overall our footprint went slightly up on last year (approx. 3%), still trending down on previous years, to finish around 2291tCO2.
I am thrilled with this result for one reason and this is because we have managed to essentially line-ball with last year while experiencing increased domestic sales and significant export growth into new Chinese markets.
This shows me our projects are generating permanent carbon reductions, enabling us to grow but still keep our emissions low – exactly where we want to be.
So, where do we go to now?
By far our largest concern is use of electricity – 71% of our carbon footprint. This area will continue to be our focus as we explore opportunities to expand our renewable energy usage and look for more efficient equipment in the winery and on the farm. Over the 2016/2017 year I will also be looking at our supplier relationships and how we can continue to find efficiency opportunities across the business.
If you have anything to offer – let me know!


Hayley Purbrick (5th Generation)
Nagambie Lakes Wine Region

Tahbilk Winery is located in the Nagambie Lakes Wine Region in Victoria, Australia.

In 1993 the Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation set up a Geographical Indications Committee to identify and redefine viticultural regions throughout Australia.  It became important to Tahbilk to determine why the region (now known as Nagambie Lakes) produces distinctive premium and super-premium quality red and white table wines, and what it is that sets it apart not only from other Australian wine regions but also other regions around the world.

Two factors were identified which, when combined, give Nagambie Lakes a unique position in the world of wine. Firstly, Nagambie Lakes is the only Australian wine region, and one of only six worldwide, where the meso-climate is dramatically influenced by inland water mass. The effect of many Lakes and billabongs (linked by the Goulburn) is a moderate and cooler climate. Secondly, the region has a unique soil type (duplex 2.2) found in one other location in Victoria. The soil is red/sandy loam and is so coloured because of the very high Ferric-oxide content, which has a positive effect on grape quality and adds a certain distinctive regional character to the wines.

CarboNZero Certified Reports

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